About Me

Who am I, and how did I get here?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had the entrepreneurial “itch”, always wanting to create a name for myself and build my life from the ground up.

From a very young age, I began thinking about what I could do to start my career...

Being creatively inclined, I have always surrounded myself by art, music, and other creative outlets like photography and fashion. 


At 14, I began modeling as a hobby which overtime became a source of work-experience and growth, and is still something I'm passionate about to-this-day, having worked as a freelance model in both commercial and fashion for the past 6 years.

(Click HERE to view my Portfolio)

As I made my way through high school, I developed an analytical approach to social media and the marketing realm. Social media has always been second-nature to me and I was so interested in the aspect of using it for business.


So, at 15 I decided to hunt for a way to learn more and explore the option of social media marketing as a career, applying for internships and eventually becoming a social media intern at an amazing Photography & Cinematography studio

(Which I manage social media for to-this-day!) .


I committed to learning and gaining knowledge & experience, with an open mind and strong work-ethic, which over time helped me build relationships in the industry and become a social media manager/consultant with over 4 years of experience and counting… (In Need of Social Media Services? Click HERE)

As a creative individual, I’ve always found outlets to express myself or a vision, one of those outlets being fashion. Style is a form of art in my opinion and there’s a certain feeling I get when combining clothing and creating a 'look' that I can't deny!


So, no matter where my career has taken me thus far, I have always come back to my passion for fashion. (I had to throw that rhyme in there) Which is why I decided to create my blog, Eleven Somewhere! I hope for it to become a source of inspiration and a place where I can express my personal style and inspire others to explore their own, while documenting the evolution of my style (and me) on this crazy journey we call life!



  • I was born & raised in Miami, Fl.

  • I’m half Cuban, half Guatemalan.

  • Hablo Español.

  • I have two older brothers.

  • I meditate every day - All about the ZEN life.

  • I wanted to be a singer for most of my childhood, so maybe I'll release a mixtape some day to fulfill that dream. :P


Xo Gigi


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