How to Build an Outfit 101 | Put Together an Outfit in 5 Easy Steps!

When it comes to styling for me, I follow a few basic steps that make my life a whole lot easier, and today I'm laying out those steps for you, right here and right now!

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For the readers out there, here are my go-to steps for easily putting together an outfit!

Step 1 | Choose one piece, and build from there.

For me, this usually depends on my mood or what I’m feeling that day.

Remember, personal style is exactly that: personal.

Never feel like you have to limit yourself to a certain “style” construct. Some days I want to be comfortable so I wear sweats, and some days I want to be a full-on girly girl in a dress and heels. The fun part about style is how you can use it to express yourself!

But back to my point, I always find it easier to start with one piece of clothing that I want to wear, depending on the feel I'm going for and constructing the rest of the outfit from there, instead of having to think of the look from start to finish all at once. It makes it a lot less overwhelming and gives me the opportunity to be creative, giving every stage of the outfit it’s own "moment".

Quick Tip: If you don’t know where to start and feel like you have no idea what you want to wear, seek inspiration! I basically live on Pinterest and some days a quick scroll through my fashion board gives me an idea and I start there!

Step 2 | Use your first piece, and choose its counterpart

So if I chose pants first, I choose a top, and vise-versa.

A good rule of thumb for this, in general, is that you want to give each piece its own emphasis so that you don’t lose your body's shape under the clothes.

For example, If I chose a more loose or oversized pair of pants, I usually try to counteract that with a fitted or cropped top to bring back my waist. (Another way to do this is with a belt, or by tucking in your top.)

Step 3 | Choose Your Shoes

This is usually a deciding factor for whether I’m going to dress up or down.

If I’m wearing sweatpants and want to dress-up a look, I throw on some pointed toe heels and wham bam thank you ma'am.

Or if I’m wearing a dress and want to dress it down, I throw on a pair of sneakers and that starts setting the tone for whether we're going dressy or keeping it more casual!

Are you a heels or sneakers person? Leave a comment, I'm curious. Vote below!

Step 4 | Add Outerwear

Now, we have a good base-layer to the look, but we’re not done yet!

Think of it like a layered cake. Obviously, a cake is always good, even if its just one layer with a bit of frosting on top; but what makes it even better is that filling and second layer, am I right?!

So, the next thing I do is decide whether I want to add some type of outerwear to the look…

Depending on where you’re from, this is something you may have to include because of cold weather, but since I live in Miami it’s usually more about the "look" than functionality when it comes to outerwear. Personally, I feel like it can add structure and a completion-factor to a look, so I typically gravitate towards a denim jacket or blazer of some sort.


Last, but certainly not least, don't forget your accessories!

Adding the right accessories to an outfit has the power to level it up immensely. It’s one of the biggest tips I give to anyone asking me for help with an outfit.

I typically stick to one statement piece and the rest more simple; so, for example, if I wear a statement necklace, I keep the earrings, bracelets, etc. minimal. But that's completely up to your personal preference! If you want every piece of jewelry to be a statement, by all means, do that!

Again, personal style is PERSONAL. Wear what makes you feel confident and empowered, no matter what.

Bonus Tip: Use your hair/makeup as an extra accessory! There's more to accessorizing than just jewelry. A cool hairstyle or vibrant lipstick color totally adds to a look as a whole, and I for one, consider that an accessory!

That's all I have for you today, hopefully that was helpful/informational! Definitely let me know if you learned something in the comments, I'd love to know :)

'Till next time!

Stay stylish.